Generally we are the right partner in all issues regarding drivabilty

and perfomance of cars and related vehicles!


What are we talking about?


It is starting with

- designing vehicle kinematic

- setting spring rates and wheel travel, fitting suitable damper settings

- setting up all those parameters affecting drivability of a car, that´s why

  this page is named “Chassis-Setup”

- testing, evaluating, documenting, continuous learning

- may go very much into details when it comes to shocks and damping

- and finally gives attention to tires and road surface


All those things we want to offer you or to assist you on the job.


Seminars and training


To provide a beneficial knowledge transfer to our customers there are many

seminars prepared:

- Overall understanding of Chassis Setup. Which are the setscrews 

  to control the system? 

- Setting up and tuning competition cars: From vintage cars to

  high-tech aero cars of today.

- Special courses just for springs and shocks: How can I get this working


- Special courses to different damper issues: From simply checking dampers

  to development jobs.

- The damper dyno: Why is this machine so important? Get your first lessons

  with our dyno and check your own dampers!

- Tires, basic seminar: Where does the grip come from? How do

  temperatures  and pressures develop, how do professional teams

  handle their tires?


There are more questions than answers. Please contact us.