Good news for You

This is the place where you will get a well calculated recommendation for

springing your car!


Unbelievable, impossible?


As experts we do know very well the level of springing common in different

kinds of Motorsport.


Of cause we know the need to have springing of the two axles in a

relation that the axles will not have the same main harmonic frequency

with the given load on them.


Don´t worry about this! For you we will calculate the given spring setting and

we will make a new recommendation. That´s absolute free for you!

It is an advertising gift.


What do you need to do?


Click the contact button and tell us what type and make your car is, what kind of motorsport you are doing and tell us the weight of the axles.


After having installed contact, we will help you finding out the motion ratio

between wheesl and springs.